I could literally feel your jumpiness, your edge, your determination and your spirit throughout reading the book, whether you were in an impromptu road race, rescuing your business or falling in or out of love. It’s rare that a narrator is so incredibly palpable.
Your perseverance and spirit are incredibly inspiring and leave me feeling like there may just be hope for the human race. Thank you for having uplifted me in that way.

Sharon Bially
Founder & President
BookSavvy PR

“I met Paul on a night out in Hurghada, Egypt in 2007. I was immediately impressed by the sheer thought of starting any kind of business in the jungle of bureaucracy, which was certainly the case at that time in Egypt! However, Paul saw the opportunity and seized it fearlessly, regardless of the potential risks and obstacles that were sure to come. Paul is a true pioneer in my eyes, and it has been a breath of impressive fresh air to meet an entire family intent on making it, without faking in the midst of all the shady characters you come across in the nightlife scene.

Samih Sawiris
Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors
Orascom Development Holding

“I first met Paul when he was relatively new to Dubai, striking up a kindred friendship straight away. Over the years, not only has it been heartwarming to see his successes in business here go from strength to incredible strength, but he has also become an absolute inspiration. His driven and visionary ways has rubbed off on not only myself, but the entire city, and I am beyond proud to call him my friend.

“And just when you think you can’t say any more about an amazing man, his sense of humour normally has me in fits. Absolute legend.”

Eliza Sloane
Managing Director
For Example Hospitality

“I had the honour of meeting Paul five years back. We instantly kicked it off, and I could tell he was a warrior, with honour in his blood. Over the years, we’ve become mates, shared each other’s personal stories and inspired one another to keep pushing forward. Paul’s story is inspirational, unique and real; just like the man himself.”

Kris Fade
Radio Personality and figurehead
Virgin Radio UAE

“I first met Paul in 2010. Our paths briefly crossed whilst he was working on a project to bring a Super Club to Dubai, before being re-introduced almost two years later to discuss terms on an empty space located on the 43rd floor of Media One Hotel. We immediately gelled, spending the next six months finalizing a deal which would bring the, today, Q43 to life.

“Over five years later and it has been brilliant to see how Paul has grown Solutions Leisure; the ground-breaking venues he has opened, the amazing team he has lead and the many successes they have enjoyed. But above all, Paul remains the same person I met back in 2010, with the same principal values of doing things the right way.

“I have had the pleasure of sharing a unique friendship with Paul. He has shared with me snapshots of his life journey, and I firmly believe that, once the book is finished & published, the world is in for a great read!

“Paul Evans, what a great bloke.”

Mark Lee
General Manager
Media One Hotel